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 Since the end of 2018 I have stopped giving performances for parties etc. I did this under the stage name, Nico Contini, one of my mother's surnames. My own name is Nico Staalman and I was born in Hilversum.

The reason for this is that I have found a new challenge in making films about the Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars and Clouds. I often accompany this from self-made compositions with or without vocals. Look also here.

 As a small child I was already interested in stars and planets, the glowing holes in a dark sky. I thought it was strange that people were running on the other side of the earth upside down. So if you went right through the earth, you would come out of the earth with your feet on the other side of the world. I found it strange that the earth goes around at 1670 km per hour and that we don't feel it. I have made many leaps to see if the earth rolled under me. I also assumed that it was true, as was told. 

I was particularly interested in the earth, celestial bodies, sun, moon, planets, stars, galaxy, black holes and clouds etc. I bought books, star maps and a telescope with which I could view the planets and was a member of De Koepel Observatory in Utrecht. Really interesting. But when I looked at the stars, I did not see the beautiful pictures that were in the books, but beautiful and changing shape and color flickering lights, as you see in a light or laser show. They also looked like ice crystals that constantly changed color and shape, as you see in the water when the sun shines on it. At least that is how I can remember that.

I wanted to see those beautiful pictures from the NASA books, but I didn't find them in the starry sky. This was one of the reasons why I quit looking at the stars. I just focused on my own work, my hospitality businesses. In spite of that, I quietly proclaimed that the Earth was a Globe and was rotating at a speed of a fighter jet, about 1670 km around its axis, sweeping through an alleged universe. Finally, to us and our parents and grandparents grew up with, so why would you doubt that.

 After, among other things, having had a small number of horeca companies, doing years of social research and after my career as a singer and keyboard player, I became the lucky owner of a Nikon Coolpix P900, with which you can shoot beautiful pictures and with which you can also film. You can zoom in enormously with it so that not much remains hidden.

 What our eyes don’t see, the camera sees. 

 What many people don't know is that some spiders can only see 10 cm far and then only light and dark. Some birds of prey, however, can see 300 times better than humans. Our eyes actually see relatively little. I made beautiful and unique recordings of sun, moon, stars and planets. I made unique videos of this, with music composed by myself. 

 Lectures and presentations: 

 I am currently preparing lectures and presentations to show the films to the public. Stunning images and never-before-seen material can be seen accompanied by my own music. 

Look at the pictures and films

 If you are interested, you can contact me. 

 Mail to nicocontini@me.com or call 06 813 99599 

 Hope to see you. 

 Nico Contini! 

The Moon

Our Moon lightens a close cloud

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