Nico Contini on Stage for more than 25 years

 In 1991 I accidentally had my first appearance in Turkey, albeit with nodding knees. On a large terrace on the beach of Marmaris. That attracted a lot of public, how nice that was. 

Since then I have had many performances to my name and played with various musicians in Big Bands, Orchestra, Duos, Trios, accompaniment (children's) choirs and mostly Solo with vocals and keyboard. I also work with orchestra bands, which I accompany with vocals and keys. Various locations were my stage, both in large and small halls, boats, gardens, parks, offices, clubs, canteens, saunas, showrooms, restaurants and the like. I was booked for weddings, garden parties, staff parties, birthdays, wedding parties, club festivities, Christmas, team building, receptions etc. I sang and played well-known songs from an extensive repertoire for a wide audience. 

After more than 25 years I stopped with giving performances for party's etc.

 A new challenge 

Music is and remains my passion. Music is a universal, invisible primal language in which I can express my feelings.

 For quite some time I have focused on making films accompanied by my own singing and music, which is a great source of inspiration for me. 

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